3,5 Years in a Thai Prison. 
One of my friends happened to end up in one of the worst prisons in the world...innocently! He spent over 3 years in Bombat prison, Bangkok, Thailand, before being released by the appeal court. In conversations with him, after the release, i got some images in my head. I asked him if he would be willing to do some photo shoots, and he agreed. To capture the pure horror, pain, agony and hopelessness, was made even harder because it had to be mixed with hope, sharing, compassion and dreams. The pictures will be used in and around his book, when it will be released. To do this pictures, we had to recreate some of the feelings and surroundings. My friends story is very special and complicated. After a life on the search for the right thing to do in Norway, he ended up in Thailand after a vacation there. He quickly picked up the language and got married. A policeman was impressed by his language skills, and offered him a job as a translator in the tourist police. The snowball kept rolling and he quickly advanced up in the system. He had found his place. Many drug dealers went to prison because of him. People he would later meet again....as a prisoner himself! Somebody wanted him out of the way, set up a trap, and in one two three...his and his families life was turned up side down. His fight for justice, his life and sanity in that prison, is the focal point in my presentation. His case was after his release, appealed to the high court, where he is still waiting for a final verdict.